Forgetting to E-mail People? Future Scheduler will Do it for You

We’ve all had that moment. That sinking feeling, deep in the pit of our stomach, when we suddenly realize we’ve completely forgotten something.

We can blame ourselves, but the truth is, we’re all living extraordinarily busy lives these days. The days of carrying a beautiful leather-bound Franklin Planner around with us everywhere we go are over, as electronic calendars take over. We can set up notifications, but what if we’re busy and forget to check our phone?

Future Scheduler has a solution for the busy small business professional. The $1.99 app, available in Apple’s app store and Google Play, can send e-mails and text messages for you while you aren’t even aware of it. Set up recurring appointments to have those e-mails go out each week or month. Or set your phone to make a call at a designated time.

Not sure how that would work. Imagine…you’re sitting in a meeting or at your desk at work and your phone starts dialing. Suddenly you’re on a phone call but what if you don’t happen to be looking at your phone?

Reminder apps are not a new thing to the world of smartphones. Many of the things described above can be accomplished by simply setting up e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and delaying delivery to the designated time or inputting reminders into your phone. But Future Scheduler lets you do it all in one place.

“Our goals are simple,” Appsicum, the designer of Future Scheduler, says. “We would like to simplify life. Never forget to update a meeting. Never get a ‘how could you forget my birthday,’ never miss out on a business opportunity, and never forget to update Status on Social Networking sites.”

This could be a valuable tool for small businesses interested in upping their social media presence, as social media updates can be completely automated. Update your business’s social media sites while you’re enjoying a movie, hanging out with your kids, or attending to other business.

One of the best features of Future Scheduler is that it syncs with all of your calendars. No more double entering or being stuck somewhere without access to your calendar. Your appointments are always with you, accessible from your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

If you’re concerned about the strange phone calls that will launch without your permission, Future Scheduler has a solution for that, as well. When you set up a future phone call or text, you have the option to have your device warn you first. If you choose the warning, you’ll receive a notification that it’s time to make contact. You’ll have to confirm it before the phone call or text message will be launched.

Future Scheduler’s capabilities are already covered in several different areas, but the app takes things one step further by automating everything…and storing it in one place. The app prefers you think of it as your personal assistant. At a price of $1.99, that kind of service is a pretty good deal.

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