Simplify Your life with Files-Finder Edition – A New App for iPad Users

iOs devices does not have finder unlike Mac environment. Many thinks that finder eases the file management tasks most of the time. Sometimes it feels like really dizzy When you get something that is not up-to best. Similar is happening with ios device users as apple tried to simplified the approach by making the file system virtually invisible but in iOs devices users are not forced to manage, clean, sort and manage files as they are on desktops. Since past many years, users who were missing the finder functionality on their iPads were demanding for an app who can provide them finder like rich interface and functionality. Similarly, For those user has just switched on iPad from Windows environment managing files in iPad proves quite difficult as they feels themselves more comfortable with Explorer App. Files-Finder Edition App has been developed with the same intention of providing iPad users some sort of flexibility.

Files Finder Edition: App becomes quite special while it provides you the rich interface, convenience and usability of finder tool. Those who are coming from Mac World knows the importance of finder. App is not just an app that lets you explore your files into your iPad, in-fact it’s more ahead of that. It’s a complete file media organization tool along with document and excel files editing capabilities.

Prime Features:

  1. App has the same old interface of Finder and this is so that users can have the same level of convenience with Finder as they would have in finder of Mac and Windows

  2. App has a built-in previewer available for most of the file types.

  3. Supports most of the files types including doc, docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MOV, WAV, 3GP, Zip and many others.

  4. You can sync your files and folders among cloud networks also including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sugarsync.

  5. You can Edit the Excel and other files using Google drive app in right corner.

  6. App does almost each and every task that is doable by document manager and file explorer.

  7. In-Built browser with file download support and preloaded bookmarks.

  8. There has been search integration functionality within browser means you can search directly on twitter,wikipedia and dictionary.

  9. You can sort the files according to various file sorting parameters like type, size, tags,date, categories.

  10. There is download manager with background support.

There are many other features too which this cool app for iPad have. Visit app in iTunes to read more about it:


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For More information, You Can visit :


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