Location Alert App: Now Schedule Your Activity on Location

Today is the world of automation and if we look at the inventions going around we can say clearly say that today we Home are automating everything through smart devices around you so that most of the tasks can complete automatically and we can stop bothering about them. Just because of the fact we all are living in a hectic or say busy lifestyle due to some reason whether it might be business, job or family apps which are reducing your burden or apps which are giving you some kind of automation functionality are increasingly becoming popular so appsicum is also out with some popular apps Location Alert and Future Scheduler which automates tasks and let you relax just after scheduling as your phone will be enough of doing the tasks along with our app.

One of our popular app in market, Location Alert is available for android and ios powered devices. For Blackberry, planning to make it out as soon as possible. This app is really fantastic as what it does it, it actually triggers events based on the location you schedule in an event. With this brilliant app you can set voice call, text messages, reminders on the basis of any location near you. For example suppose, you are getting late for party and you have to call your wife so that she can get herself ready too. You can set the message to her nearby your home so that at the time you reach home she can come out and you can save the waiting time. App has pretty beautiful interface with great ease and flexibility.

You can see log of scheduled activities also within the app so you can know which events has been scheduled and which not. There are plenty of beautiful templates for texts and reminders. Additionally you can use your voice to set reminders. 3 Prime Tasks that Location Alert app does actually whenever you reach near a defined location are it can connect a call, it can send messages, create voice and text reminders to be triggered.

Location Alert is a pretty simple yet handy app which simplify your life with alerts, reminders and activities it does and that’s what we call us our motive. Location Alert

Visit app in iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id567479415

For more information about app visit at: http://locationalerts.appsicum.com/


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