Photos To Albums : Most Versatile and Innovative Photo Organization App for iPad

Clicking photographs with smart-phone device is perhaps such an usual task which most of the people do with their iPhone, iPads and android devices. Sometimes when you click photos with your smart-phones, you require such an app that can manage all of your photographs in a efficient way where you can tag your photos with captions, can add clip-art,frames and various shapes to decorate them and where you can sort your pics based on the multiple parameters. To do such task’s there are plenty of photo organization apps for android and iPhone users. But, unfortunately for iPad, there were not quality photo manager/photo organizer apps so appsicum decided to came up with their Photos to Album App for iPad.

Photos to Album App for iPad is quite an versatile, unique and innovative app that manages your photos and photo album effectively and gives you some extra features beyond that a photo manager app can provide. Some of the prime features of the photos to album app are given as below;

  • Photos to Album App is the only app that works as a full fledged photo organization app with folders.

  • App lets you add Clip-art and shapes to albums.

  • You can add text layer to spice up your albums with captions.

  • There is an drawing tools which adds an extra level to your creativity.

  • You can export your albums as high resolution PDF files.

  • App lets you manage individual layers on Album Page.

  • There is Full EXIF/Meta Tag Support so that you can filter your photos easily and create albums on the fly.

  • You can control, shadow, color and opacity for various elements in your phtos

  • You Can decorate your albums with desired background color, lock individual elements, sort photos on multiple sorting parameters etc.

  • App lets you share your creation with the world through social media, shows photos on map with location data if you choose it to be public.

  • You can import your photos wirelessly from your PC or Mac or from your camera/library.

 Here I am Sharing some of the screen shots taken of this app running on iPad.

screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot1


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