Future Scheduler – A Technical Boon to Forget the Word “ Forgetting”

In Today’s Life, where everyone is quite busy in his life say with work, with business or say anything else, it becomes quite crucial sometimes to remember the important dates, important functions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagement day, valentines day etc, it’s our moral responsibility to greet the people on their happy moments. Suppose a scenario that it’s your wedding day and you are engaged in any business meeting with your clients and you don’t know when you will be free and you can’t take a break to go out and type a sms to your wife. What can you do? You can try Future Scheduler definately then as it let’s you schedule your basic activities like Calls, Texts, Email and social Media updates on any future date and time.

Suppose a second scenario where you are waiting for your kid’s birthday to come since quite a long but due to your hectic business or work schedules, you forget to wish your kid on his birthday. What you can do here? Similar to above case you can use future scheduler. You can schedule a birthday wish for your kid on future scheduler in form of text message and future scheduler will automatically asks you to perform those specific actions on the scheduled day.

Wanna Know What Future Scheduler Does Actually?

Actually Future Scheduler is an app based on unique concept which includes you can schedule your calls, texts, emails, and social media updates even. This App is available for all three smartphone platforms like for iphone, android and blackberry. Whenever you feel that you will be forgetting something on a particular day, it’s a better option to schedule it on future scheduler. It works like a reminder system. Suppose you have to call your friend and wish him on his birthday 5 days later. You can schedule this task in app and after 5 days at pre-specified time future scheduler will be alerting you to call your friend to wish him on her birthday. Remember it will not automatically connect call to your contact as this is security restricted tasks in ios powered devices. In-fact it will ask you for confirmation like “ Do You want to allow Future Schedule Connect a call to ———” Once you confirm, call will be connected and you will be able to wish him. Similarly if you have to send an urgent email to one of your client, it will able to send those scheduled emails automatically.

You can schedule your social updates in advance with the help of this super utility app.

View App in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

Visit App Page for more information


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