Text Disaster for iPhone: Share Your Typo Gone Funny Messages with Community

How many times it happen that we want to write something and commits a manual mistake while typing in our smart-phone devices or sometimes we blindly believe auto-correct options and that auto-correct options changes the whole scenario of conversation. Texting has been an integral part of our life nowadays and in modern time people text on various IM services to stay connected with friends.

In the Era of Internet boom now almost everybody is connected to friends via chat messenger services like whatsapp, wechat, etc. Sometimes, say in hurry we send messages to wrong recipients rather then the indented recipient. Sometimes these moments embarrasses us while sometime these typo or mistakenly wrong recipient sent messages transform into funnier moments that neither us nor the person who has received that bummer from us want to forget. These lite moments in life are enough to stay away you from all the tensions and stress of life.

So we have worked in the same direction and build a wonderful app for sharing your typo gone messages or wrongly sent messages to a wide community of people where you can share your own funny moments and also can read funny messages from the community members also.  This App is available for iPhone only at the moment and has some splendid features which everybody among us will definitely like. Here are the prime features of this app discussed thoroughly.

Privacy Protection:  most of the time people fear about their privacy while sharing something in a community. We understand the importance of your privacy so we have included an option of edit or erase captured screen before uploading any message.

Rate Messages Shared By Others : You can rate the messages shared by others. Rating messages shared by other people helps a new person in community to sort the messages according to his wish. If he wants to see the best rated messages only he can quickly navigate  into them.Capture-image-help

Sort and Shuffle: You can sort, skip and shuffle the messages according to your mood.

Text Mode For Sharing Stories: In case you don’t want to share your stories through screen capture method then you have text mode also for sharing your stories to others as well. You can also use this feature if screen capture feature is not available due to any reason.

Merge Screens: You can merge multiple screens into one screen if text you are trying to share is longer than one screen.About-us

Social Media: Social Media Sharing with Individual account management has been enabled so that you can share your stories on social media accounts as we don’t want to let you feel limited on text disaster.

Beautiful and User Friendly Interface: App has been designed such that it’s UI will be able to attract the attention of you. UI has been kept simple yet attractive for an efficient use of the Text Disaster App.

Security: You are completely secure here and you do not need to reveal your identity to anyone.

Text Disaster App has two versions on iTunes: one is Text Disaster Lite and other is Text Disaster. Both has been among the favourites of iPhone users since quite a long time.

Itunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-disaster/id558495151?ls=1&mt=8


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