Location Alerts

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Appsicum‘s insight:

Get Location alerts app, a latest app from appsicum.com for your iPhone and auto trigger events based on location. You can simply turn your mobile into an intelligent device which can send voice calls, text and reminders to your friends based on location proximity. This app is available on android and iTunes store and has some really cool features like you can use voice for setting reminders, see a log of all scheduled activities, use beautiful templates for text and reminders to your friends. With this app you can automate all the basic tasks such as calls, voice messages, texts, reminders etc.  Some Additional Features of Location Alerts App are as follows: Flexible set up for recurring events with individual days of week. choose location and radius on map interface. send text messages when you are nearby a certain location. connect calls based on location.   You can record your own voice for reminders and alerts.

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