Files-Finder Edition- A Complete File Manager Or Document Organizer for Your iPad

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Files-Finder Edition is a Finder like app developed by Appsicum for such iPad users who have newly switched on iPad from Mac or Windows environment or who frequently store their files on iPad. App has finder like familiar interface, convenience and usability of finder right on your iPad. You Can edit your documents, sync your files on cloud networks like dropbox, sugarsync etc, tag them , filter them, sort them on multiple sorting parameters. You can connect online via in-built browser with per-loaded bookmarks and search function integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and Google. App has also in-built download manager where you can see all your downloaded files. You can password protect your WiFi file transfer. You can lock your important files and folder. You can see file preview with inbuilt file previewer. You can create voice note. Built in Zip creation and extraction, gesture based copy/move/paste functionality is intended to make life easier.

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