Future Scheduler – Now You Will Never Forget Special Moments of Your Loved Ones

In Today’s life when everyone is quite busy with their work schedules and businesses, it becomes quite hard to extract some time for our families, relative and social contacts. Almost all of us are having a fixed routine life style in which we all are almost stuck. Probably You will be also like who leaves bed late in morning then rushed towards office, spend whole day with corporate clients, attend business meetings and late night parties with clients as well then goes to home and takes sleep for 5 6 hours hardly in night.

Due to such hectic life styles in modern time we all are loosing our social contacts as we are so busy in our life that we don’t have a minute to think about our families, friends, social contacts, relative etc. We do not wish them on their birthday’s, marriage anniversaries, engagements, weddings due to our busy life. Thus We all are loosing our social life day by day. How Good it would have been if there would be an app which will be greeting our social contacts and relatives on behalf of us on their special days or moments or alternatively which could send messages, schedule calls on any future date and time.

Future Scheduler for iPhoneAppsicum has come up with a great solution to all this. Our Team has successfully developed an app which allows you to schedule your calls, Texts, Emails and Even Social Media Updates to any future date and time. You just have to schedule a Call, SMS, Social Media Status using future scheduler app and on the event day app will automatically remind you by asking a formal confirmation message for executing the particular task.  Now You may ask the question if it schedules the calls, texts and emails then why shouldn’t you use calendars and organizers ? Answer would be Future Scheduler goes one step further and it actually automates the task scheduled.

Future Scheduler AppThe idea behind developing future scheduler was to simplify your life. Just few simple steps of scheduling a task and you will be never hearing those words “ How could you forget my birthday or marriage anniversary?” from your wife, friends, relatives, social contacts etc. Everybody knows when it comes to our wives we try to escape ourselves from the utter nonsense talk usually and this app will help you to keep them calm and smiling forever as you will not be forgetting your special moments with her in life after getting future Scheduler. Ultimate thing is that these little greetings creates a good bonding in any relation.

The Biggest Plus with this app is that it’s available for all 3 smart-phone operating platforms like iPhone, Android and Blackberry so no matter whether you are a iPhone user or android user, you can definitely use future scheduler for all your scheduling related tasks. Another plus with this app is you can schedule your Emails with this app also and this is specially beneficial because sometimes we forget to send important emails to our clients also due to work overload. App is having many exciting features like

1. You can see logs of all the scheduled tasks within App.
2. App can be synced with device calendar and snooze function available for reminders.
3. You can import your social contacts from Facebook
4. Use Templates for Texting and Emails
5. Set Priority for Recurring Events like Daily, Weekly, Monthly
6. An Intuitive and User Friendly App Interface
7. Choose Multiple Recipients for Email and Texts
8. Phone Book Integration Enables So You can choose Contacts from There.

To Get More information About Future Scheduler Visit @ http://futurescheduler.appsicum.com/

iTunes Store Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dev.and.scheduler

RIM Blackberry World Link: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/110388/?lang=EN


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