Files -Finder Edition: Why It’s Must To Have This App on iPad?

Everyday we see a lot’s of apps are launching in iTunes store and some of them good response from users while others just go to collection of unusable apps. Files-Finder Edition was launched last year in December by Appsicum Team for such iPad Users who use their ipad for most of the file management tasks and store most of their files on their iPad. At the moment, in iOs file system is such that not any app is allowed to access the file related to any other app means to say an app in ios can access files related to it only and it is done so to provide extra security layer to iOs devices like iPad, iPhone etc.

Nowadays, most of the people often travel outside their hometown because of a business meeting with client, business trip, a conference, or a seminar etc. You can carry your mac/laptop or iPad with you, but sometimes it become quite difficult when you want to transfer your important business documents, files on to your iPad from Mac/laptop or vice-versa.  Right Now there are many application for ipad which lets you read documents from your iPad, some allow editing of documents or files on your iPad, some are for managing your files but think at your own what is better? Installing 3 -5 applications for each of the separate tasks or installing such an app which can work a complete office suite for your iPad? Well Files-Finder Edition app is just like a complete office for your iPad.

Files-Finder Edition

Apps like Documents by Readdledocs are fine but still they are lacking in most of the areas as far as user security and file management features are concerned like Files-Finder Edition goes ahead of  documents slightly as it provides you features like Password protected WiFi File Transfer, Gesture based copy/move/paste of documents/files, download manager with background download support, voice note creation facility, feature of locking your important files, documents with password so that no one except you can access your confidential files.

Above all these, Files-Finder Edition has an in-built browser with pre-loaded bookmarks in which search function is integrated with Google, Twitter and Wikipedia so now you can search on them directly by putting your search query just. Also, there is an in-built file previewer given within app so you can see what kind of data a particular file contain without opening it. You can create custom shortcuts for the files that you frequently used.  Range of supported files by app is quite wide. If you want me to name few then Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip, and many more other file formats are supported by files-finder edition.

Interface of files-finder edition is quite a superb thing and should be paid attention. App have a pretty similar interface as of finder tool from mac so users who are switching iPad from mac will find interface pretty much familiar. Surprisingly, windows users will find it similar to explorer of the windows.

App’s Link in iTunes:


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