Future Scheduler : Now Never Forget “Important Things to Do” in Your Life

How Often we see people complaining about their busy lifestyles and the little time they got for their families and relatives. In the modern time when everyone is busy with his/her own life, people are not getting enough time to spend with their families and social contacts. How often we forget to send important Text message or Emails just because of another hectic day in business or office. How many times it happens with all of us that there was a need of an urgent phone call to make and well, thanks to our over-complicated  and busy life, we simply forget that.

At such situations our heart says “Hey! I am not bound to remember each and everything”, but let’s admit it that unintentionally we have disappointed a loved one who was waiting for our wish or greeting by call/texts or messed up an important business meeting/event. Now You can say that there are calendars and reminders on our mobile devices but think about it twice! Does it work really and ensure that task will be completed?


Actually No!!

If you think like How great it would be if there will be an app for scheduling all the important business meetings via email, sending out wishes for birthdays/anniversaries/wedding/engagements, etc. and even  Facebook and twitter post.

Well Folks, Future Scheduler is just the perfect app for Future Scheduleryou then as it let’s you schedule your phone calls, texts, emails and even social media updates on any future date and time. It has been developed by appsicum team to simplify your life and it works on Android, iPhone and Blackberry OS. App functions are quite easy to understand as it let’s you schedule your calls, emails, text messages and social media status updates on any future date and time. Basically it automates the recurring events and tasks right on your iPhone, Android and blackberry phone.

With this app you can schedule your tasks with future time and date. On the specified time, event you had scheduled will be automatically completed. All the activities, you will be scheduling within this app will be synced with the calendar to avoid redundant entries. Even your phone is not with you, it will be still able to send scheduled emails, text messages, social media update on social networks, and automatic call connect.

More App Features:

  • App has a Snooze functions for reminders.
  • You can import your social media contacts from Facebook etc.
  • You can see log of all the scheduled activities so you can know what have been scheduled and what’s not.
  • There are in-built templates given for text and email for a quick finish.
  • You can set the priority of recurring events like whether you wants them to occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • You can choose multiple recipients for texts and emails.
  • App integrates with your phone-book so that you can choose contacts from your device conveniently.

With future Scheduler, when we say we want to simplify your life we really mean it. Some people may think that it’s not desirable to send message, emails or connecting calls automatically. With Future Scheduler while scheduling a task you can choose whether you want to trigger the task automatically or you want the app to confirm the execution first it with you.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/files-finder-edition/id733259837
Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dev.and.scheduler
Rim Blackberry Link: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/110388/?lang=EN


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