Future Scheduler – One Tool For Your Smartphone That Can Make Your Life Simpler

Did You Ever wished in your life to wish your best friend on his/her birthday at 12.00 AM in Midnight. I think most of You would had wished that for sure, but what happens than either you forget to text birthday wish to him/her or fall asleep till that time. Most of the times it also happens that we forget to call somebody on their special moments just because we are so much busy in our own life that we can’t remember to call our friends, buddies and relatives. If you are not able to extract some time from your life to your loved ones, they tend to think you do not love them and they has no importance in your life and it ultimately have adverse effect on your relations whether it’s about your family or social relations.

There are many tools that allows you to schedule and send your calls, emails, texts to your contacts but most of the tools allows you to send either schedule your calls or texts unlike Future Scheduler which allows you to schedule your calls,emails, texts and social updates within single app. Future Scheduler automatically connects call, sends emails and texts on on a scheduled time to your contacts. You can also share your social media status posts through this app if you wish to do so. If you do not wish future scheduler to automatically connecting calls, you can also easily configure it to ask you about confirmation before sending any texts or connecting call. It’s pretty simple app to use with a real easy interface. App is available to use on android, blackberry and ios powered smart-phones. It takes from you nothing just a simple amount of $1.99 USD with which you can purchase this ultimate scheduler app from itunes store, google play and rim blackberry store.Future scheduler App for iphone, android and blackberry.Future scheduler App for iphone, android and blackberry

Some people in this era of technology are still using reminders, alarms, sticky notes and organizers but these are old day approaches, mind you! There are far better option available in front of you in form of future scheduler- A scheduler which can schedule your calls, emails, texts and social media status posts on any future date and time on any platform whether it’s android, iphone, or blackberry. In-fact Future Scheduler works as your own personal assistant on the go.

App sync with your device calendar for optimum results and there is a snooze function just like we have in alarms to alert you about scheduled tasks so you can choose them to occur automatically or manually. Additionally it fetches your social contacts from facebook so that you can select them also for sending texts, emails and calls. You can see the logs of your scheduled activities to get a idea what you have scheduled already and what not.

You can get future scheduler for different platforms by visiting the below links.

For Android, Visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dev.and.scheduler

For iPhone, Visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

For Blackberry, Visit: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/110388/?lang=EN


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