Files Finder Edition: A Wonderful Productivity App for iPad With Brilliant Features

As we all know that ios devices whether it’s a iphone or ipad comes with a finite memory capacity i.e. 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. You don’t have expandable memory kind of things in such devices and due to such issues most of the people do not want to store their files on ipad or iphone. There are many cloud storage networks such as googledrive, dropbox, Sugarsync, Sky Drive, Box.Net, etc which give you the facility to store your data, files, documents on internet costing you either small charge or free of coast totally. Problem comes when you can see the files on cloud networks but can not access them directly as due to some system restrictions in ios you can not open any file from cloud directly, instead of it you have to email it to yourself first them after downloading you can open it in any appropriate file manager apps.

Though, There are many file manager apps in iTunes market which you can use, but there is not a single app which you can use as a complete file/media manager for your iPad. File Management in ipad becomes most crucial when you be on business tours or out of home.Finder Like File Manager App for ipad You can not rely on such file management apps which give you limited functionality. In Such case apps like files-finder edition which offers a complete file management and multimedia solution to ipad users can be most significant to use. Features of Files-Finder Edition are such that you can call it a file manager app for ipad or document organizer app for ipad or file explorer app for ipad or multimedia manager for ipad. It allows you to sync your files on Variety of cloud networks like Dropbox,GoogleDrive, and Sugarsync in current version. Future Version will be carrying more cloud integration.

First Let’s talk about the Interface which plays often a crucial role whenever you download any new app from itunes. A better interface and UI will make you feel comfortable while you will be able to accomplish your tasks quite easily too without being in any hassle. Files-Finder Edition app is specially beneficial for two kind of ipad users i.e. who have switched on ipad from windows and those who have switched recently from Mac world. Obviously people who are coming from Mac and windows respectively will be finding themselves more comfortable with “Finder” and “Explorer” Tool’s respectively so to give such users a relax feel interface of files-finder edition has been kept such that windows users will find it like explorer while Mac users will be treating it like “Finder like File Manager App” for ipad.logo

Most of the File Manager Apps available in Market for iPad is not offering you in-built browser to surf internet, download manager with a background download support, preloaded browser bookmarks while files-finder edition is giving you these features to you. Very Few File Manager app for ipad are allowing you to search,open, edit, and manage your files up-to the level files-finder edition is allowing as this app is allowing you to read a wide variety of documents on your ipad, edit excel and word files right on your ipad, multiple file sorting on multiple sorting parameters. Means to say with files-finder edition you can sort your files and documents in ipad on the basis of more than one file sorting parameters which can be anything out of file name, size, date, type, File Tags etc.

Additionally, App allows you to navigate quickly within system and application files as there is functional address bar enabled. You can lock your important files, can share your documents/files via Wifi with password protected mode. You can create voice notes, You can Create Zip Folders and Extract Files from Zip Folders. You can Share your documents on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

Download Files-Finder Edition From iTunes Here @



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