Phtoto Effects Plus : A Utility iOs App to Simply Transform Your Photos into A Professional One

Most of the time it happens to us that by seeing professional photos we wish how good it have been for us if we could put those professional and artistic photo effects into our own photographs clicked by us. Now you can argue on this with me saying there are several apps for iOs devices which let’s you do that and yes, I agree with it but the important thing is how simply they allows you to insert such professional grade artistic effects into your own photographs? I guess either none or very few if I say being moderate. Photo Effect Plus is the only app which lets you put a wide variety of professional photographic effects into the photos clicked by you own.

Photo Effects Plus Logo

Yes, the biggest positive with photo effects plus app is that it allows you to put effects into your images in a pretty simple way such that even a laymen or a person who don’t know much about photography can put them into photographs. Appsicum, who developed it, says creating beautifully transformed professional grade photographs with this app is as easy as country from 1,2 and 3… Really, It couldn’t get easier than this to put such effects into photos. Second plus with this app is that it’s not highly priced in itunes store. It is priced @ $0.99 and if you going to buy this app today, you won’t be paying this much even as there is a limited time offer of 50% off on this great photo transformation app. As a result, you will be paying just of half of what the app worth is. Third Plus with this app is that this app comes under universal apps for iOs means app works on iPhone as well as iPad and iPod-Touch too so if you have both iphone and ipad, you don’t need to buy separate apps for both devices.This one can work in both.

There are some really cool features which are as follows:

  •     App have largest collection of artistic effects that can make your photos look stunning
  •    Random art change by just a shake of device. You can change artistic effects randomly by just shaking your phone and This sounds quite exciting! Isn’t it?
  •    You can club multiple photographic effects into one.
  •    Super simple gesture controlled interface.
  •    You can share your creations(photos) on social media sites with your friends and social contacts. Isn’t it cool?
  •    Real time preview is enabled and what you see is what you get.
  •    Non-Destructive Editing
  •    Easy Layering of Styles and Adjustments


In the last, all I can say is that applying effects with Photo Effects Plus is really like a breeze of fresh air for all photo lovers out there as you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any editing experience app will be doing all automatically for you and will be needing your fingers just to swipe across it.

In the Last, I am sharing some of the stunning images that users created with this app.


Camera Roll-2161

Camera Roll-2155

Camera Roll-2159

Camera Roll-2148

Camera Roll-2149

Camera Roll-2130

Camera Roll-2165

Camera Roll-2156

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