Files-Finder Edition: The Best App for Managing Files and Documents on iPad

How many times it happens that you want to organize and manage docs on your iPad but there is no option on iPad to manage files and folders.logo Several apps are available on iTunes store that offer functionality of manage documents and folders on iOs device. Appsicum team developed a powerful app that fulfill all requirement related to file management and files transfer. This app has in-built browser with pre -loaded bookmarks and file downloaded manager. No one need to search different apps for file manager and document viewer as it comprise both features. Therefore, user will be able to manage files and open, edit documents on iPad with the help of files-finder edition.

This app is very easy to handle for both windows users and mac users as it works as explorer as well as finder. Like thus user may have same functionality that they had on windows system and mac. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that this app is complete solution for file management, file explorer as it has media organization tool along with document and excel editing capabilities.

You will be glad after having experience with such a powerful app on your iTunes store. Features of files-finder edition listed below:mzl.kzxtqrur

1.    App has good and old finder like interface with gesture controls and fully optimized with touch screen.
2.    It support almost types if files such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, PDF, WAV, Zip and many more.
3.    You can see file previewer for most of the file types.
4.    Easily sync function for files with cloud networks such as Google drive, Dropbox and Sugar Sync.
5.    Functionality of edit documents such as excel and other files via Google drive.
6.    Easy solution for creating custom shortcuts for files that used frequently.
7.    Its features work as search folder in Microsoft outlook.
8.    Functional address for quick navigation.
9.    Easy filtration and searching methods based on tags, file types, file size and date.
10.    Easy lock system for important files and folders for security purpose.
11.    Sort files instant via multiple searching parameters.
12.    Easy function of creating voice notes with this file manager app.
13.    If there is need to categorize items for Microsoft outlook, then you can.
14.    Gesture based functions for copy, move and paste.
15.    You can share files via email, facebook, twitter and many more.
16.    It has desktop like status bar for easy navigation.
17.    You can share files over WiFi with password protection mode.
18.    Air print support to take print for files over WiFi.


You can’t find all these functions in another app where all these function can be accessible on single app. If there is need to arrange files, folders according to alphabet, size, date and type, then files-finder edition is the best solution for you. Here another option is that you can find files and folders according to alphabet, date, size and types. Its browser’s search function is integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and dictionary along with Google. You just need to type a word in browser address bar and search directly on Google, Wiki, Dictionary and Twitter.

For more information about files-finder edition that is ultimate solution for file explorer, file manager, document reader, PDF viewer and file transfer, you can visit This app is available in iTunes store where you can find screen shots of app and detailed featured of files-finder edition.


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