Photos To Albums – Most Innovative and Versatile Photo Album Manager/Organizer App

Most of people will be agree with me on that photos are not just pictures, in-fact these are memories of our lifetime and memories are forever as through it we try to relive those happy moments once again from past, but to do this first you have to assure yourself that how you are going to keep all the memories with you. It’s not possible in modern time to carry albums all the time. Also it’s not easy to get prints of all your photographs. Why don’t think about managing photos in a digital format as when camera’s may digital why not the photo albums!!.

Whenever you try a new photo app, all you want is flexibility and convenience. Think once again what if you want to add some creativity to your birthday party album or you want to beautify your wedding shots or you want it to be super easy to catalogue holiday photos! Is there any single app which can do all this for you? I guess No!

Photos to Albums draws your attention with such approach see below;

What Photos To Albums Does Actually?

  • It lets you manage your photos with Tags and Folders,
  • Automatically Creates Albums for your photos based on location data, EXIF, date and custom tags.
  • Countless Options to Improve the Look and Feel of your Photos and Albums.
  • There is a Drawing tool that lets you add some creativity on your photos and album pages.
  • You can add Text layers, various clip-arts, shapes, frames, borders to your photo albums.
  • You can export these photos in form of high resolution pdf to take quality print out further.
  • Filter photos easily based on EXIF meta tags.
  • You can lock individual elements or whole for pages.
  • You can control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in a photo album.
  • You can add background image or color to your photo album.
  • You can import photos wirelessly from PC/Mac.
  • Sort Photos on Multiple Parameters.

Get Photos to Albums For iPad through iTunes Here @


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