Photo Effects Plus : A Photo Transformation App With Brilliant Features To Transform Your Photos in Minutes

Most of you people had came across of hundreds of other photo apps before that claim to make your photographs super stunning through their special photo effects!! but, did you really succeeded in doing it? I mean were you really been able to transform your photos through them? I guess most of you would have suffered from the problem of lacking in pre-photo editing experience. When We see photos clicked by professional photographers, there is just one word which comes out and that’s “..WOW”. Though We agree that such photos are magical because of their individual talent also, but apart from that there are several magical, artistic and professional grade photo-graphic effects which have been used by photographers in their clicked photos as they know such effects can make their photographs even more beautiful.


Appsicum has come up with such a little photo transformation utility app that let’s you insert a wide range of professional grade photo-graphic effects into your pictures and made them look more beautiful. Also, it’s pretty simple to transform your photos through this app as it does not require any pre-photo editing experience from you . It just requires you to swipe your fingers across the screen and it will automatically choose photo effects randomly from a wide collection of photographic effects.


In-fact it’s as simple as to counting 1,2, & 3 to insert these effects into photos. Select a photo, choose a effect and here we go, you are ready to share your art with the world through Facebook , Twitter, Flicker, Email and other sharing services. The biggest advantage with this app is even if you don’t have any pre-photo editing experience, then also you can try this wonderful photo transformation app.


Here are some real features of this app-

  • You can change effects/art randomly by just shaking your phone. 

  • You can Club multiple photo effects into one.

  • Real Time Preview for Photos Enabled. What You See is What You will Get.

  • Easy Layering of Styles and Adjustments 

  • Non-destructive Editing

  • Super Simple Gesture Controlled Interface

To Know More About Photo Effects Plus,Visit-

To Get it From iTunes, Visit :


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