Photos to Albums: Managing Photos Effectively on iPad

Now days, as people are being more ipad-friendly than ever, it becomes quite necessary to try apps that give you pleasure while using and make your life easier and effortless. One such app for ipad is Photos to Albums which is worth trying.  iPad’s camera roll and basic photo viewer apps are useful but often they seems feature limited e.g. if you have hundreds of images, then it becomes quite impossible to manage them with these app and dig straight to desired one from them. Besides, most of the times we want to sort photos, Filter photos, group them in a certain parameters when we have photos in bulk. Probably skilled guys at appsicum thought this way and developed Photos to Albums. Photos to Albums is a fully featured, powerful photo manager app for ipad and features of it can be divided into 3 categories mentioned below:

  1. Photos to Album as a Photo Organizing ipad App
  2. Photos to Albums as a Photo Editing ipad App
  3. Photos to Albums as a Photo Viewing ipad App.

How to Manage Photos through Photos to Albums on ipad

  1. Install app from iTunes app-store and after launching on your ipad, there will be a option to create a new photo album in the left upper corner of the app as shown in below Screenshot. You can add an album name, a short description, location and time.Photo-Album-by-Appsicum

  1. When you are done with album creation, you can add photos into your blank photo album. Tap the “plus” icon and the app will offer you photos to add. In the below screenshot, 3 photos have been added to a photo album.


  1. You can rate each photo and check their EXIF Meta tags information if it’s available. Also, you can conduct a search for a photo by tags, date, location and name.


  1. Created Albums are placed in alphabetical order so that one can find quickly exactly what he needed.

  1. Like Other Organizers there are options to rename a photo album, sort photos in an album. Additionally you can drag and drop pics to change their order.
  1. You can move any photo from an album to another album. Off course, you can delete any photo also from a album. You don’t need to get scared while deleting as photo will be deleted from the photos to albums app and you can restore into app anytime after.

 Get This PowerFul Photo Album Organizer and Photo Manager App for iPad from iTunes App-store @


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