Download Photos to Albums App for iPad and Create Beautiful Photo Albums

Pictures are memories and everyone preserve their memories by keeping pictures. Whether it is wedding, Anniversary, Birthday party, office picnic or friends hangout pictures are very important. You can refresh your memories with pictures anytime. However, it is not possible to carry pictures always wherever you go. Therefore, a solution is required in order to carry all pictures with you. Apart from pictures transportation what about creativity in pictures? There is need of using software to add creativity in photo albums. Just think, how great it would be if you have an option to edit photos on iPad along with using some creativity?

Album Manager


Just open iTunes store and browse app store, there are several photo apps which can be used to add creativity inphotos. However, there is an app photos to albums provides functionality to create folders, albums and edit them along with several effects. This app let’s do editing in photos, create albums according to location and share them on social media sites like face book, twitter, Pinterest, etc. Its features are awesome and you will able to create beautiful album with the help of photos to albums app. Here features of photos to albums app or photos to manager app listed which are very useful.


Photo albums


  1. It will create automatically Albums and folders based on GPS location, Rating, Tags, meta and EXIF data.
  2. This app works as full-fledged photo manager tool. If you don’t want to create albums and folders, then still it is very useful to manage photos, folders and tags.
  3. To add more look and creativity clip-arts and shapes can be added to albums.
  4. It has free drawing tool to add creativity in albums.
  5. You can export PDF files for Albums.
  6. Individual layers of albums page can be manage while reordering and edit layers.
  7. Control shadow, opacity and colors for different elements in Album.
  8. Easy functionality of undo/redo for ease of use.
  9. Easy function to add borders/frames to photos.
  10. It allows you to share your creation with world on social media, email or offering option to save to library.
  11. Easy function to sort photos on multiple parameters.
  12. It shows photos on map with location data.


Album manager



So, what are you waiting for? Download this photos to albums app today from iTunes store and experience with this unique photo album or photo manager app. To know more about features of photos to albums app visit This app is perfect solution to add creativity in photo albums. You can create photo album for friends, collages, wedding ceremony and birthday party. The most important thing is portable photos facility by which you can create beautiful album, manage album according to wish and share it with friends via emails, social media sites and photo sharing sites. This album manager or photo manager app provides facility of adding icons according to celebration such as birthday party, Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, Download this photo manager app today from iTunes store and explore features of photo album.


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