Text Disaster Lite: Share Your Typo Gone Funny Message with Others for Free

People, Usually in hurry send messages to non-intended recipients and the whole meaning of text changes accordingly. Suppose you’re going to send a text to your girlfriend and accidently you sent it on your mom’s number! How the overall scenario would be? I bet it would be funny for sure. Now days we have the so called “Smart” option “Auto-Correct” in our smart-phones, but many a times we face such situations while writing a text the “auto-correct” works too over-smartly where we want to write something and it changes it to a completely different word. For example you want to type “Cats” but the auto-correct option comes to interfere with it and changes that word to “Cars”. Now you may assume how funny would be that situation where you are giving reference on behalf of cats but person in front of you is getting it on behalf of “cars”.

For those who want to enjoy such light, funny moments and want others to laugh by sharing with them, should give a try to Text Disaster Lite – A Free app by team Appsicum to Share funny or typo gone messages with others. This is not all as you can read the funny message shared by other users also and can laugh out loudly at their expense so why you are waiting for ? Find this pretty beautiful app in app store here for Free and download it on your device.

This App is Available for free Here on iTunes App store  and has some splendid features. However you can upgrade this app to paid version named as “Text Disaster” within app or by going here @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-disaster/id558495151?ls=1&mt=8

  • Privacy protection – Advanced tools to edit your screen capture
  • You can rate funny and gross text experiences shared by others
  • You can sort and shuffle text messages.
  • Text mode to share stories if you don’t have screen capture handy
  • You can merge multiple screens in one if the text is longer than one screen
  • Request Removal of entry if you find something objectionable
  • Social media sharing with individual account management
  • Most beautiful and user friendly interface
  • Text Sharing is quite Secure. No need to reveal your identity
  • Context Sensitive help

Wants to Know About Complete Features of Text Disaster, visit @

Here I am giving some of the App screenshots which will make you more familiar with this wonderful app.







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