Files-Finder Edition: Ultimate Productivity App to Manage Your iPad Library

Search function is very important for all users whatever they are using desktop, Mac and iOs devices. There are very easy search functionality for desktop and Mac users, but no option in iPad to search any file and folders. Therefore, you will need such app that will provides you search function so that you can find any files easily. In this order, Appsicum team developed an ultimate app called files-finder edition that provide several functions for searching and managing your documents. This app is complete solution for file managing and files organizing. Features of this app are very stunning so you will love to keep this app in your iPad forever.

Document Viewer

File Manager

Files-Finder Edition supports all file types like doc, docx, RTF, txt, PNG, JPEG, MOV, PDF and many more. It has built-in-previewer for most of the file types. You can sync your files on cloud networks such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Sugarsync in the same interface. Documents can be edit by using Google drive right in to app. It provides functionality of creating shortcuts so user can create shortcuts for frequently using files. It has in-built browser with pre-loaded bookmarks and file download manager. From the security point of view important files and folders can be locked. This app provides broad range of searching options so user can search files and folders easily. Multiple sorting parameters can be applied at once so that user can use broad searching functions. This app provides option of file sharing via WiFi medium that is password protected. Thus, Files-Finder Edition is complete solution for file management, files sharing, file organizing files searching. To know more about features of file manager app visit: . This app is developed by Appsicum team who developed several iOs and android apps such as Photos to Albums and Future Scheduler.


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