Location Alerts: A Scheduler App That Triggers Events Like Call, Texting and Reminder Based on Location

How many times, it happens that we miss the functionality of a basic call, text and reminder scheduler in our smart-phones that can interrupt us when desired and can accomplish the scheduled task. There are times when we want simple reminder or alerts just while sometimes we want tasks like calling someone or texting friends automatically to be done by a scheduler app.

Well folks, if you are looking for a good scheduler app for iPhone that could schedule your call/ texts and automatically trigger them based on location then location alerts is a perfect choice for you as it lets you schedule call, text and reminders/alerts(voice and text) and triggers them automatically based on location.

See below for what location alerts is capable of doing;

  • Can send text messages when you reach to a specific location.

  • Connect a voice call automatically when you are in a specific area.

  • Create Voice/Text Reminders and Alerts for you when you are in a particular area.

Now wanna know in which circumstances this app can be useful?

You are leaving the office for a party but there is a twist. You forgot that you were supposed to call wife so that she can get ready by the time you reach home to pick her up. How great it would be if location alerts app could send a message or connect a call automatically when you leave from office so that she knows about your schedule!

Let us consider another scenario. You need to pick something up from downtown, but it doesn’t require you to go immediately. Suppose how nice it will be if someone like location alerts could remind you when you were nearby this location. To make all this more flexible, Location alerts allows you to set recurrence for individual week days rather than limiting it to just traditional weekly or daily kind of set-up.splash1 Home

App have a quite beautiful interface and developed just to simplify your life. So, are you ready to experience.

Location Alerts!!

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Location Alerts

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Appsicum‘s insight:

Get Location alerts app, a latest app from appsicum.com for your iPhone and auto trigger events based on location. You can simply turn your mobile into an intelligent device which can send voice calls, text and reminders to your friends based on location proximity. This app is available on android and iTunes store and has some really cool features like you can use voice for setting reminders, see a log of all scheduled activities, use beautiful templates for text and reminders to your friends. With this app you can automate all the basic tasks such as calls, voice messages, texts, reminders etc.  Some Additional Features of Location Alerts App are as follows: Flexible set up for recurring events with individual days of week. choose location and radius on map interface. send text messages when you are nearby a certain location. connect calls based on location.   You can record your own voice for reminders and alerts.

See on locationalerts.appsicum.com

Location Alert App: Now Schedule Your Activity on Location

Today is the world of automation and if we look at the inventions going around we can say clearly say that today we Home are automating everything through smart devices around you so that most of the tasks can complete automatically and we can stop bothering about them. Just because of the fact we all are living in a hectic or say busy lifestyle due to some reason whether it might be business, job or family apps which are reducing your burden or apps which are giving you some kind of automation functionality are increasingly becoming popular so appsicum is also out with some popular apps Location Alert and Future Scheduler which automates tasks and let you relax just after scheduling as your phone will be enough of doing the tasks along with our app.

One of our popular app in market, Location Alert is available for android and ios powered devices. For Blackberry, planning to make it out as soon as possible. This app is really fantastic as what it does it, it actually triggers events based on the location you schedule in an event. With this brilliant app you can set voice call, text messages, reminders on the basis of any location near you. For example suppose, you are getting late for party and you have to call your wife so that she can get herself ready too. You can set the message to her nearby your home so that at the time you reach home she can come out and you can save the waiting time. App has pretty beautiful interface with great ease and flexibility.

You can see log of scheduled activities also within the app so you can know which events has been scheduled and which not. There are plenty of beautiful templates for texts and reminders. Additionally you can use your voice to set reminders. 3 Prime Tasks that Location Alert app does actually whenever you reach near a defined location are it can connect a call, it can send messages, create voice and text reminders to be triggered.

Location Alert is a pretty simple yet handy app which simplify your life with alerts, reminders and activities it does and that’s what we call us our motive. Location Alert

Visit app in iTunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id567479415

For more information about app visit at: http://locationalerts.appsicum.com/

How To Set Up Location Based Call And Text Reminders On iPhone

Setting reminders and alerts based on a location isn’t really anything new in terms of the underlying technology, but as we have seen so many times in the past, things seem to come to the forefront when large companies like Apple or Facebook adopt them and put them them back into the public eye. With the launch of iOS 5, Apple brought us the stock Reminders app that features location aware reminders and to-do tasks, but now thanks to the Location Alerts app for iPhone we also have the ability to schedule textmessages and calls based entirely on location.

The app is billed as bringing messaging and call scheduling features, but with a twist. Rather than making simple diary and calendar entries to go off at a specific time, or even using the Reminders app to flash an alert at a specific location, Location Alerts allows users to invoke text messages or attempt to initiate phone calls when the handset enters a certain radius of a given location. As outlined in the App Store information, there are a number of different situations when this actually might prove useful.


The idea behind the app is sound, but unfortunately, due to necessary security restrictions, the iOS platform just doesn’t really lend itself very well to this type of creation. The power of the app lies in the ability to create and set calls, reminders and text messages to occur when entering a certain location. Scheduling features within the app also offer additional power to the user. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t actually allow phone calls and text messages to be fully invoked by a third-party app and therefore requires the user to actually place the call themselves by accepting the alert or sending the message.


The only real difference with Location Alerts to things like the stock Reminders app is that it will populate a call alert with the desired number before prompting for confirmation or actually populating the body of a text message before requesting the user to send it. The user-interface is cluttered and deviates far too much from the use of standard iOS controls, in my opinion, and certain aspects of the app seemed to be there for novelty sake. An example of this is the map view that is displayed when attempting to select a location. After fifteen minutes of playing around with it, I simply couldn’t find a way to actually select the location from the map and had to enter an address manually from the previous screen.


The idea is a good one. But in reality, do we really want our handsets making phone calls in our pockets if we don’t hear the alert? I can’t help but feel that the iOS security restrictions are in place for a good reason.


(Source: Location Alerts for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store)

Location Alerts – Location Reminder App for iPhone

Appsicum a leading provider of innovative mobile software products and services, after the success of our app Future Scheduler, today announced immediate availability of Location Alerts that makes it possible for users to schedule future text and calls based on the location.

Available on the iPhone, the mobile tool allows users to schedule future text and calls based on the location. “Location Alerts is an example of how developers can use the unique capabilities of the latest Smart Phones to turn their app ideas into a reality.

Why? Well, imagine this. You are leaving the office for a party and were supposed to call wife so that she can get ready before you pick her up. You forget. Now you can imagine the situation. Can’t you? How good it will be to send a message or connect a call automatically when you leave the office so that she can get ready by the time you get home. There are endless examples and use cases like this and costs about $1.99. It can be downloaded via a link on the company’s website respective app stores. The best thing about Location Alerts apps in general is, to help make people’s lives just a little easier.

About Location Alerts:

–          Send text messages as you reach to a specific location*

–          Connect a voice call when you are in a specific area

–          Create voice and text based reminders to be triggered when you are in a particular area.

This is the first version of the application that we have launched. We would be making constant enhancements in our consequent releases to boost its usability. Meanwhile, we would be happy to receive any feedback, opinions and comments that you might have for the application.

App Download URL: 

iPhone link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/location-alerts/id567479415?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Screenshots: http://locationalerts.appsicum.com

*On iPhone, we don’t have an option to auto send without confirmation, but Big Apple is to blame for that. Unfortunately they do not allow third party apps to automatically send a message or call unless user confirms it. That is part of their security set up and we have to follow that. On our Android app, that’s not the case though. That is why you need to buy credits in case you want to send messages automatically. We use a SMS Gateway for this purpose and hence you need to buy credits.

About Appsicum:  We are a motley crew of developers who want to build apps which will make your life easier and somehow help reducing the stress. It can be humor; it can be a tool to simplify your life or may be a game. We won’t promise you sun, moon or stars but yes, we can promise you that we will think differently and keep on building as many cool apps as we can.

To find the Location Alerts app online, visit http://locationalerts.appsicum.com

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