A Photo Book App that Lets you Edit Photo and Organize them on iPad

Everyone enjoyed party and vacations with their friends, collages, relatives and group. Whether it is wedding ceremony, picnic or official event you will have pictures to memorize events and fun time. Just think how you will memorize these events forever. Of course, you will keep memories or photographs with you on iPad, but question arises that how much photos you can keep along with you? Apart from this how you will sort them in order to keep fresh your memory?

Photo management is the best way to keep memorize along with you always as you will be able to arrange photographs in a specific orders. When we talk about photo management on iPad, then we will require application.  “Photos to Albums” is an application which allows users to manage pictures and create albums on iPad. User can create different albums or folders based on GPS location data, date, tags, rating and EXIF data. Tags to create albums can be read from popular software such as adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, light room, apple iPhoto and Microsoft photo app.

Features of photo book or photo album book are listed below which you can see before downloading from iTunes store:

•    You can add cliparts and shapes to different albums.
•    You can add text layers to spice up your albums with caption.
•    This app allows to export high resolution PDF files for albums.
•    Users can add border or frames to photos so that different look can be given to different albums.
•    App allows to lock individual elements or whole page for the security concern.
•    Control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in albums.
•    Photos can be filtered based on tags, EXIF, Meta tags, rating, size, date range, etc.
•    User can sort photos via applying multiple parameters at once.
•    Photos can be shown on map with location data.
•    Slideshow with music so you can play music with slideshow of photos.
This app provides numerous functionalities apart from album creation such as you can edit photos and add can add smiles when you are creating new albums. Photos to albums is perfect tool for editing photos, creating albums, folders and sharing photos with friends via email, text, social media or picture sharing websites. This photo book app is available on apple store and you can download it from here:  https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id586997137?mt=8


Photo Effect Plus- An App that Will Add Emotions in Your Photos

Emotions matters a lot and it’s like a thing that describe everything without explaining. When its talking about bring emotions in photos, looks quite hard. “Only professional painter can insert bring emotions in pictures” most of us think same. However, now it is possible for everyone to add emotions in photos with the help of app that work on iPhone, iPad and iPod-touch. Yes, photo effect plus app is versatile app that let you add your emotions and charm of oil painting in your photos even you don’t have experience to edit photos.

Photo effect Plus

Photo transformer app

Photo effect plus for iPadFunctionality of photo effect plus app is very simple. Its only like select, snaz and share. It’s very simple to add effects in photos while swipe your fingers across the screen and choose desired effects. This app has several in built effects that you can select for your photos and apply them for your picture.

Have a look towards features of photo effect plus app

  1. You can shake your phone for random art
  2. It enable for club multiple effects in one
  3. super simple gesture controlled interface
  4. provides option to share your photos on social media and photo sharing sites
  5. Real time preview. You can see effects in photos without saving them.
  6. Nondestructive editing
  7. Easy layering of styles and adjustments

So, what are you waiting for? Download today this Photo Effect Plus App and add desired effects and emotions in your photos. Add different effects and share them with your friends on social media sites and image sharing websites. Download photo effect plus app or photo transformer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod-touch from iTunes store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-effects-plus/id579571333?mt=8

To know more about functionality of photo effect plus app visit http://photoeffects.appsicum.com/.

Create Innovative Photo Albums and Organize Them on Your iPad with Photos to Albums App

Creating photo book and photo album is good idea as you can gather all relevant photos in single album. You can create these albums according to functions such as wedding, anniversary, birthday party and office hangout. However, it is not sensible to carry these albums with you always. You can keep these albums for your memories but can’t share with other. It is good idea to create photo albums on iPad as you can carry iPad with you always and can share photo album with your friends by cloud services, email and social media sites.

Photo Manager
Photos to Albums is photo album book which helps you to create albums and folders according to location, data, date and tags. This is the only app that work as fully photo organizer app as you can add photos in existing albums, edit photos and share photo albums with your friends via social media, photo sharing sites  and Emails. Just imagine that how great it would be if you can create photo album on iPad and share it to your friends and relatives. It could be nice memory to your friends and loved ones if you gift them photo album of your special memories. Photos to albums app lets you add smiles and different icons like as Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Christmas, New Year and Halloween. So, create innovative photo album with photos to albums app and share it with your loved ones and remember them your special memories.
Photo albums
This app is easily available in iTunes store and you can download this app without facing any problem. Now you should have a look towards its features those are as following:

1.    It allows you to add clipart and shapes to albums
2.    This is the only app that works as full- fledged photo organizer with all folders.
3.    You can add text layers to give a different look your albums by adding captions.
4.    You will have access of free drawing tool so that you can add creativity in to your albums.
5.    You have an option to export high resolution PDF files to your albums
6.    You can manage individual layers on album page.
7.    This app support EXIF/ Meta tag to filter photos easily.
8.     Control shadow, colour scheme for various elements in albums.
9.    You have controller option for Undo/Redo for ease of use.
10.    You can add borders/frames to photos.
11.    If you want to make any folder private, then you can lock individual element.
12.    You can add background image or desired color for albums.
13.    This app allows you to share your creation on social media.
14.    You can share your creation to your email contacts or you can save it in your library for later use.
15.    This app also allows you to let import photos wirelessly from PC or Mac or add from library/ camera.
16.    You can create separate folders to organize photos.
17.    This app provides you facility to sort photos on multiple parameters.
18.    You can show photos on map with location data.

Therefore, whenever you need to create beautiful photo album that can be fully organize, then you should download photos to albums app.
You can visit this app on website here http://appsicum.com/ and also have a look towards its features via http://photoalbum.appsicum.com/. Definitely this app will help you to preserve your memories and add your creativity. Now stop think and just visit iTunes store where you can download it directly from apple store.



Download Photos to Albums App for iPad and Create Beautiful Photo Albums

Pictures are memories and everyone preserve their memories by keeping pictures. Whether it is wedding, Anniversary, Birthday party, office picnic or friends hangout pictures are very important. You can refresh your memories with pictures anytime. However, it is not possible to carry pictures always wherever you go. Therefore, a solution is required in order to carry all pictures with you. Apart from pictures transportation what about creativity in pictures? There is need of using software to add creativity in photo albums. Just think, how great it would be if you have an option to edit photos on iPad along with using some creativity?

Album Manager


Just open iTunes store and browse app store, there are several photo apps which can be used to add creativity inphotos. However, there is an app photos to albums provides functionality to create folders, albums and edit them along with several effects. This app let’s do editing in photos, create albums according to location and share them on social media sites like face book, twitter, Pinterest, etc. Its features are awesome and you will able to create beautiful album with the help of photos to albums app. Here features of photos to albums app or photos to manager app listed which are very useful.


Photo albums


  1. It will create automatically Albums and folders based on GPS location, Rating, Tags, meta and EXIF data.
  2. This app works as full-fledged photo manager tool. If you don’t want to create albums and folders, then still it is very useful to manage photos, folders and tags.
  3. To add more look and creativity clip-arts and shapes can be added to albums.
  4. It has free drawing tool to add creativity in albums.
  5. You can export PDF files for Albums.
  6. Individual layers of albums page can be manage while reordering and edit layers.
  7. Control shadow, opacity and colors for different elements in Album.
  8. Easy functionality of undo/redo for ease of use.
  9. Easy function to add borders/frames to photos.
  10. It allows you to share your creation with world on social media, email or offering option to save to library.
  11. Easy function to sort photos on multiple parameters.
  12. It shows photos on map with location data.


Album manager



So, what are you waiting for? Download this photos to albums app today from iTunes store and experience with this unique photo album or photo manager app. To know more about features of photos to albums app visit http://photoalbum.appsicum.com/. This app is perfect solution to add creativity in photo albums. You can create photo album for friends, collages, wedding ceremony and birthday party. The most important thing is portable photos facility by which you can create beautiful album, manage album according to wish and share it with friends via emails, social media sites and photo sharing sites. This album manager or photo manager app provides facility of adding icons according to celebration such as birthday party, Halloween, New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, Download this photo manager app today from iTunes store and explore features of photo album.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-album-photobook/id586997137?ls=1&mt=8

Photos to Albums: Managing Photos Effectively on iPad

Now days, as people are being more ipad-friendly than ever, it becomes quite necessary to try apps that give you pleasure while using and make your life easier and effortless. One such app for ipad is Photos to Albums which is worth trying.  iPad’s camera roll and basic photo viewer apps are useful but often they seems feature limited e.g. if you have hundreds of images, then it becomes quite impossible to manage them with these app and dig straight to desired one from them. Besides, most of the times we want to sort photos, Filter photos, group them in a certain parameters when we have photos in bulk. Probably skilled guys at appsicum thought this way and developed Photos to Albums. Photos to Albums is a fully featured, powerful photo manager app for ipad and features of it can be divided into 3 categories mentioned below:

  1. Photos to Album as a Photo Organizing ipad App
  2. Photos to Albums as a Photo Editing ipad App
  3. Photos to Albums as a Photo Viewing ipad App.

How to Manage Photos through Photos to Albums on ipad

  1. Install app from iTunes app-store and after launching on your ipad, there will be a option to create a new photo album in the left upper corner of the app as shown in below Screenshot. You can add an album name, a short description, location and time.Photo-Album-by-Appsicum

  1. When you are done with album creation, you can add photos into your blank photo album. Tap the “plus” icon and the app will offer you photos to add. In the below screenshot, 3 photos have been added to a photo album.


  1. You can rate each photo and check their EXIF Meta tags information if it’s available. Also, you can conduct a search for a photo by tags, date, location and name.


  1. Created Albums are placed in alphabetical order so that one can find quickly exactly what he needed.

  1. Like Other Organizers there are options to rename a photo album, sort photos in an album. Additionally you can drag and drop pics to change their order.
  1. You can move any photo from an album to another album. Off course, you can delete any photo also from a album. You don’t need to get scared while deleting as photo will be deleted from the photos to albums app and you can restore into app anytime after.

 Get This PowerFul Photo Album Organizer and Photo Manager App for iPad from iTunes App-store @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-album-photobook/id586997137?ls=1&mt=8

Why Photos to Albums app is the Best Photo Organizer App?

Now a day everyone prefers to save pictures on iPhone and iPad as it’s not possible to take printout of all pictures. If somehow you get printout of pictures, then you can’t carry them for always. Like thus how it would be great if you have an app that organize your pictures and create albums?

Photo albumsYup! There are several apps are available on iTunes store which let you manage photo albums and pictures on iPad. You can try photos to albums app for your iPad which provides several functionality to organize your iPad library. This app has several awesome features which make it differ and unique from other photo albums app. This app has several new features such as creation of photo album via GPS based location which adds another good reason for extensive photographer to use this application. Other features include amendments as photo editing, automatic folder creation, show photos on maps with information of location are stunning features that you couldn’t find in another app.

Album ManagerThis app has unique features such as it can work as full-fledged photo organization tool. If user doesn’t want to use albums, then they can find this app very useful to manage photos and albums. Photos and albums can be sorted according to tags, date and location by using EXIF metadata. Here are listed some features of photos to albums app that you will love to have with this app.

Add cliparts and shapes to albums

Text layers to spice up your albums with captions.

Free drawing tool to add your creativity in albums. Go crazy with paint.

Export high resolution PDF files for your albums.

Manage individual layers on album page. Reorder or Edit layers with context sensitive tools.

EXIF/Metatag support to filter photos easily and create albums on the fly.

Control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in album

Undo/Redo actions for ease of use.

Borders/Frames to photos.

To know more about photos to albums app you can visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-album-photobook/id586997137?ls=1&mt=8

Photos To Albums – Most Innovative and Versatile Photo Album Manager/Organizer App

Most of people will be agree with me on that photos are not just pictures, in-fact these are memories of our lifetime and memories are forever as through it we try to relive those happy moments once again from past, but to do this first you have to assure yourself that how you are going to keep all the memories with you. It’s not possible in modern time to carry albums all the time. Also it’s not easy to get prints of all your photographs. Why don’t think about managing photos in a digital format as when camera’s may digital why not the photo albums!!.

Whenever you try a new photo app, all you want is flexibility and convenience. Think once again what if you want to add some creativity to your birthday party album or you want to beautify your wedding shots or you want it to be super easy to catalogue holiday photos! Is there any single app which can do all this for you? I guess No!

Photos to Albums draws your attention with such approach see below;

What Photos To Albums Does Actually?

  • It lets you manage your photos with Tags and Folders,
  • Automatically Creates Albums for your photos based on location data, EXIF, date and custom tags.
  • Countless Options to Improve the Look and Feel of your Photos and Albums.
  • There is a Drawing tool that lets you add some creativity on your photos and album pages.
  • You can add Text layers, various clip-arts, shapes, frames, borders to your photo albums.
  • You can export these photos in form of high resolution pdf to take quality print out further.
  • Filter photos easily based on EXIF meta tags.
  • You can lock individual elements or whole for pages.
  • You can control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in a photo album.
  • You can add background image or color to your photo album.
  • You can import photos wirelessly from PC/Mac.
  • Sort Photos on Multiple Parameters.

Get Photos to Albums For iPad through iTunes Here @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-album-photobook/id586997137?ls=1&mt=8