Know Why You Should Purchase In App Purchase(IAP) Packages For Future Scheduler

Future Scheduler is a great app that allows you to schedule activities like call, texts, emails to your contacts on future date and time. That’s not all because it also lets you schedule your social posts on sites like Facebook and twitter in future timings. Obviously Appsicum has come up with a great concept with this app as several time it happens to most of the people that they forget to wish their friends and family members on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc because of the hectic and busy routine schedules. This App is specially worth for such people. Also, people who often forget to do important tasks in their daily life e.g. you want to call your wife after a business meeting to tell her that you will be coming home in late night hours but, once the meeting over, you forget to call your wife. In such case future scheduler can be really handy as you can schedule a call or a simple text to drop this message to your wife on future date and time. If you want to receive a confirmation alert before the app make a call, you can select confirmation radio button also.Future scheduler app for iphone

Versatility of this app is another features which can get your attention. This App is available for all platforms including iOs, Android and Blackberry. However, App charges you for the each sms/text you send to your contact as it’s not free and normal Text charges set by your telecom network can be applied.

Most of the users feels confused a lot about the message credit system of future scheduler app.Here, I would like to tell that message credit balance is required for you to send sms through our server to any contact of yours as iOs does not allow any third party apps to send message through network services. Perhaps it will be more clear to you by the screenshot attached.


If you want, you can purchase package of 50 Text messages and 100 text messages in $2.99 and $4.99 respectively. These Packages comes under In App Purchase (IAP) Package so you can get these packages whenever you want suppose in festival season of Christmas and new year where you requires to send greeting messages to your social contacts in bulk. You can see both the package under Top In-App Purchase Section on the left end side of App’s listing in itunes here@

Now the big question arises here why one should buy these text packages? Answer would be to avoid such circumstances where you become out of balance and still wants to schedule a urgent message to be delivered on future date and time.


Coming Soon – New Updated Version of Future Scheduler is Ready To Launch

Hi Folks,

As we all know Future Scheduler is an Scheduler app which lets you schedule and automatically connects your call, texts, email, social media posts on future date and time.

Now, the good News is that Appsicum is ready to launch an updated version of Future Scheduler app i.e v1.5.3 in coming days. This updated version will be quite specific in many ways as there will be some new features for users of future scheduler app while previous bugs within the app will also be fixed. Future scheduler is the first app from Appsicum team which was developed for all 3 platforms i.e. iOs, Android and Blackberry.

First let’s discuss the bugs which have been fixed in this new updated version of future scheduler.

Fixed Bug Regarding Social Media Update: In earlier version of future scheduler, previously some of App users complained that the social media post update feature was not working properly so in this version upgrade we have fixed this issues. Now users will be able to schedule and post their social status on their social profiles also.

Balance Recovery Bug Fixed: Previously There were some issues with balance recovery in previous versions. This Bug has been also fixed in the upcoming upgrade of this Scheduling app for iphone.

Lets Discuss What Features and functions have been added in this New Version of Future Scheduler App.

1. Now You can maintain the List of sent and unsent list of events also within this version of future scheduler app. Through this feature it will be easy for you to understand which task has been executed and which is still pending.

2. Enhancement in Setting Recurring Priorities: There has been a custom recurring option added as an enhancement in the new version. Now within this version of App you can select custom start date, end date and also days of weeks for all your tasks like phone call, emails, texts and social media posts.

3. FAQ Added: As a new feature FAQ section is added in this new updated version of future scheduler app. Through this feature, it will be more easy and helpful to understand the privacy setting and other stuff for you.

4. Compatibility with iPhone 5: As Appsicum promise to simplify your life always and it can’t be possible without upgrading our product with the advancement of new technology. Therefore, we have provided compatibility support for iPhone 5 within this new version of future scheduler app.

5. Enhancement in Email Attachment Functionality: Now with this version of future scheduler app, users can attach image attachments( maximum image limit 5) within their emails. In previous versions of the app users was not able to attach image attachments within their email.

6. Compatibility with iOs 7: As described above compatibility to current technological upgrades is quite crucial in the meantime and Appsicum understand this perhaps that’s why compatibility with iOs 7 is also provided within this new version of future scheduler app.

 Further, besides these bug fixes and new features, there has been some improvements and changes  in  future scheduler that will be taking place once new version will be live on iTunes. Some of these are as below:

 7. Keyboard Layout has been slightly changed and Now it will display same on all screens.

 8. Appearance of “Our Other Apps” Section has been changed so it will be much easier for users of future scheduler to know about other apps developed by the Appsicum team.

Here I am attaching some of the screenshots taken from running app in iPhone.










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Future Scheduler – One Tool For Your Smartphone That Can Make Your Life Simpler

Did You Ever wished in your life to wish your best friend on his/her birthday at 12.00 AM in Midnight. I think most of You would had wished that for sure, but what happens than either you forget to text birthday wish to him/her or fall asleep till that time. Most of the times it also happens that we forget to call somebody on their special moments just because we are so much busy in our own life that we can’t remember to call our friends, buddies and relatives. If you are not able to extract some time from your life to your loved ones, they tend to think you do not love them and they has no importance in your life and it ultimately have adverse effect on your relations whether it’s about your family or social relations.

There are many tools that allows you to schedule and send your calls, emails, texts to your contacts but most of the tools allows you to send either schedule your calls or texts unlike Future Scheduler which allows you to schedule your calls,emails, texts and social updates within single app. Future Scheduler automatically connects call, sends emails and texts on on a scheduled time to your contacts. You can also share your social media status posts through this app if you wish to do so. If you do not wish future scheduler to automatically connecting calls, you can also easily configure it to ask you about confirmation before sending any texts or connecting call. It’s pretty simple app to use with a real easy interface. App is available to use on android, blackberry and ios powered smart-phones. It takes from you nothing just a simple amount of $1.99 USD with which you can purchase this ultimate scheduler app from itunes store, google play and rim blackberry store.Future scheduler App for iphone, android and blackberry.Future scheduler App for iphone, android and blackberry

Some people in this era of technology are still using reminders, alarms, sticky notes and organizers but these are old day approaches, mind you! There are far better option available in front of you in form of future scheduler- A scheduler which can schedule your calls, emails, texts and social media status posts on any future date and time on any platform whether it’s android, iphone, or blackberry. In-fact Future Scheduler works as your own personal assistant on the go.

App sync with your device calendar for optimum results and there is a snooze function just like we have in alarms to alert you about scheduled tasks so you can choose them to occur automatically or manually. Additionally it fetches your social contacts from facebook so that you can select them also for sending texts, emails and calls. You can see the logs of your scheduled activities to get a idea what you have scheduled already and what not.

You can get future scheduler for different platforms by visiting the below links.

For Android, Visit:

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For Blackberry, Visit:


Future Scheduler : Now Never Forget “Important Things to Do” in Your Life

How Often we see people complaining about their busy lifestyles and the little time they got for their families and relatives. In the modern time when everyone is busy with his/her own life, people are not getting enough time to spend with their families and social contacts. How often we forget to send important Text message or Emails just because of another hectic day in business or office. How many times it happens with all of us that there was a need of an urgent phone call to make and well, thanks to our over-complicated  and busy life, we simply forget that.

At such situations our heart says “Hey! I am not bound to remember each and everything”, but let’s admit it that unintentionally we have disappointed a loved one who was waiting for our wish or greeting by call/texts or messed up an important business meeting/event. Now You can say that there are calendars and reminders on our mobile devices but think about it twice! Does it work really and ensure that task will be completed?


Actually No!!

If you think like How great it would be if there will be an app for scheduling all the important business meetings via email, sending out wishes for birthdays/anniversaries/wedding/engagements, etc. and even  Facebook and twitter post.

Well Folks, Future Scheduler is just the perfect app for Future Scheduleryou then as it let’s you schedule your phone calls, texts, emails and even social media updates on any future date and time. It has been developed by appsicum team to simplify your life and it works on Android, iPhone and Blackberry OS. App functions are quite easy to understand as it let’s you schedule your calls, emails, text messages and social media status updates on any future date and time. Basically it automates the recurring events and tasks right on your iPhone, Android and blackberry phone.

With this app you can schedule your tasks with future time and date. On the specified time, event you had scheduled will be automatically completed. All the activities, you will be scheduling within this app will be synced with the calendar to avoid redundant entries. Even your phone is not with you, it will be still able to send scheduled emails, text messages, social media update on social networks, and automatic call connect.

More App Features:

  • App has a Snooze functions for reminders.
  • You can import your social media contacts from Facebook etc.
  • You can see log of all the scheduled activities so you can know what have been scheduled and what’s not.
  • There are in-built templates given for text and email for a quick finish.
  • You can set the priority of recurring events like whether you wants them to occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • You can choose multiple recipients for texts and emails.
  • App integrates with your phone-book so that you can choose contacts from your device conveniently.

With future Scheduler, when we say we want to simplify your life we really mean it. Some people may think that it’s not desirable to send message, emails or connecting calls automatically. With Future Scheduler while scheduling a task you can choose whether you want to trigger the task automatically or you want the app to confirm the execution first it with you.

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Future Scheduler Infographic


Future Scheduler App for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerryFuture Scheduler is a unique app built for iPhone and android which gives you extreme convenience of scheduling your calls, emails, texts and even social status’es on any future date and time so that you can stay connected in with your family, friends and colleagues While being busy in your work, business, etc. Now Nobody will be having complaint to you about the forgetfulness due to your busy lifestyle as you will be able to greet your family, friend and colleagues on the special moments. With Future Scheduler Now, You can carry your schedule around you every time, You can sync it with device calendar, see log of scheduled activities by you. For more information on future Scheduler visit@

For Android Devices:

For Black Berry Devices:

Future Scheduler – Now You Will Never Forget Special Moments of Your Loved Ones

In Today’s life when everyone is quite busy with their work schedules and businesses, it becomes quite hard to extract some time for our families, relative and social contacts. Almost all of us are having a fixed routine life style in which we all are almost stuck. Probably You will be also like who leaves bed late in morning then rushed towards office, spend whole day with corporate clients, attend business meetings and late night parties with clients as well then goes to home and takes sleep for 5 6 hours hardly in night.

Due to such hectic life styles in modern time we all are loosing our social contacts as we are so busy in our life that we don’t have a minute to think about our families, friends, social contacts, relative etc. We do not wish them on their birthday’s, marriage anniversaries, engagements, weddings due to our busy life. Thus We all are loosing our social life day by day. How Good it would have been if there would be an app which will be greeting our social contacts and relatives on behalf of us on their special days or moments or alternatively which could send messages, schedule calls on any future date and time.

Future Scheduler for iPhoneAppsicum has come up with a great solution to all this. Our Team has successfully developed an app which allows you to schedule your calls, Texts, Emails and Even Social Media Updates to any future date and time. You just have to schedule a Call, SMS, Social Media Status using future scheduler app and on the event day app will automatically remind you by asking a formal confirmation message for executing the particular task.  Now You may ask the question if it schedules the calls, texts and emails then why shouldn’t you use calendars and organizers ? Answer would be Future Scheduler goes one step further and it actually automates the task scheduled.

Future Scheduler AppThe idea behind developing future scheduler was to simplify your life. Just few simple steps of scheduling a task and you will be never hearing those words “ How could you forget my birthday or marriage anniversary?” from your wife, friends, relatives, social contacts etc. Everybody knows when it comes to our wives we try to escape ourselves from the utter nonsense talk usually and this app will help you to keep them calm and smiling forever as you will not be forgetting your special moments with her in life after getting future Scheduler. Ultimate thing is that these little greetings creates a good bonding in any relation.

The Biggest Plus with this app is that it’s available for all 3 smart-phone operating platforms like iPhone, Android and Blackberry so no matter whether you are a iPhone user or android user, you can definitely use future scheduler for all your scheduling related tasks. Another plus with this app is you can schedule your Emails with this app also and this is specially beneficial because sometimes we forget to send important emails to our clients also due to work overload. App is having many exciting features like

1. You can see logs of all the scheduled tasks within App.
2. App can be synced with device calendar and snooze function available for reminders.
3. You can import your social contacts from Facebook
4. Use Templates for Texting and Emails
5. Set Priority for Recurring Events like Daily, Weekly, Monthly
6. An Intuitive and User Friendly App Interface
7. Choose Multiple Recipients for Email and Texts
8. Phone Book Integration Enables So You can choose Contacts from There.

To Get More information About Future Scheduler Visit @

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Future Scheduler – A Technical Boon to Forget the Word “ Forgetting”

In Today’s Life, where everyone is quite busy in his life say with work, with business or say anything else, it becomes quite crucial sometimes to remember the important dates, important functions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagement day, valentines day etc, it’s our moral responsibility to greet the people on their happy moments. Suppose a scenario that it’s your wedding day and you are engaged in any business meeting with your clients and you don’t know when you will be free and you can’t take a break to go out and type a sms to your wife. What can you do? You can try Future Scheduler definately then as it let’s you schedule your basic activities like Calls, Texts, Email and social Media updates on any future date and time.

Suppose a second scenario where you are waiting for your kid’s birthday to come since quite a long but due to your hectic business or work schedules, you forget to wish your kid on his birthday. What you can do here? Similar to above case you can use future scheduler. You can schedule a birthday wish for your kid on future scheduler in form of text message and future scheduler will automatically asks you to perform those specific actions on the scheduled day.

Wanna Know What Future Scheduler Does Actually?

Actually Future Scheduler is an app based on unique concept which includes you can schedule your calls, texts, emails, and social media updates even. This App is available for all three smartphone platforms like for iphone, android and blackberry. Whenever you feel that you will be forgetting something on a particular day, it’s a better option to schedule it on future scheduler. It works like a reminder system. Suppose you have to call your friend and wish him on his birthday 5 days later. You can schedule this task in app and after 5 days at pre-specified time future scheduler will be alerting you to call your friend to wish him on her birthday. Remember it will not automatically connect call to your contact as this is security restricted tasks in ios powered devices. In-fact it will ask you for confirmation like “ Do You want to allow Future Schedule Connect a call to ———” Once you confirm, call will be connected and you will be able to wish him. Similarly if you have to send an urgent email to one of your client, it will able to send those scheduled emails automatically.

You can schedule your social updates in advance with the help of this super utility app.

View App in iTunes:

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