Files-Finder Edition: A Perfect iPad File Manager for Your Business

iPad is such a device who brings the office work on your home desk for many of us as often we found our iPad quite handy to accomplish official tasks like sending emails, viewing presentations, preparing and viewing client reports. With a comprehensive approach to security, scalable deployment and variety of management options has made it the popular choice for users in most of the business environments.

But, still what make users feel hectic often are managing documents on wider scale on ipad. No matter if you are using iPad on your home or on your business, if you have thousands of files stored on your iPad, it will be like you are stuck whenever you have to find a particular file or have to sort them or have to search few out of the bundle. Most people find difficulties even in reading pdf files through iOs default file opener.

Though, there are some apps like Readdle’s Documents 5 and File Manager Pro app etc but none of these has vast functionality as Files-Finder Edition is having. Let’s take a look what are the prime features and specifications this wonderful file manager productivity app for iPad is having.

Files-Finder Edition

  • Good Old Finder like Interface: App’s interface has been designed in such a way that both Mac and Window users find it convenient and familiar with them. To Windows users interface will look like “explorer” while for Mac users it will look like “Old Finder like interface”.

  • Vast Variety of file formats supported by App: There are many app which supports basic file formats on iPad but this is the first one in which a wide file format support has been provided to users so that users can stick with this as the only file manager app for their ipad. There has been a built-in File previewer also through which you can know what data your files and folders contain. To name a few formats there are Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip formats and many more which are supported by this app.

  • Sync on Cloud: Various Cloud networks are supported on which users can sync their ipad files and can take back-up of their data. Cloud networks such as GoogleDrive, Sugarsync and Dropbox are currently supported. In future other networks like box, office 360, etc are to be included also within App. Also, you can edit your excel and other files using GoogleDrive right within Files-Finder Edition.

  • Managing Files on iPad Easily: You can create custom shortcuts for frequently used files, create filters, search files sort them based on multiple sorting parameters like date, file name, type, tags, size, categories etc. you can lock your important documents if you want some privacy.

  • In-Built Browser with Download Manager: There has been a download manager which supports background downloads also with an in-built browser that gives you the power of internet on your ipad and connects you with rest of the world. Browser’s search function has been integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and Google so that you can directly search on these sites.

  • Transfer Files via Secured Wifi, built in Zip creation and extraction, gesture based copy/move/paste, and File sharing via email, Facebook, twitter, etc, creating voice notes and Air Print Support to take prints of your documents over Wifi are some other features which make this app real worth for iPad users wanting complete control on their data.

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Files-Finder Edition- A Complete File Manager Or Document Organizer for Your iPad

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Files-Finder Edition is a Finder like app developed by Appsicum for such iPad users who have newly switched on iPad from Mac or Windows environment or who frequently store their files on iPad. App has finder like familiar interface, convenience and usability of finder right on your iPad. You Can edit your documents, sync your files on cloud networks like dropbox, sugarsync etc, tag them , filter them, sort them on multiple sorting parameters. You can connect online via in-built browser with per-loaded bookmarks and search function integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and Google. App has also in-built download manager where you can see all your downloaded files. You can password protect your WiFi file transfer. You can lock your important files and folder. You can see file preview with inbuilt file previewer. You can create voice note. Built in Zip creation and extraction, gesture based copy/move/paste functionality is intended to make life easier.

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Files – Finder Edition- Now Transfer Files Easily From Your iPad …

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Appsicum Apps – Cool and Innovative Iphone Apps for iPhone … Files-Finder edition app has the same interface of finder so it is very easy to fetch the same level of convenience with finder if they are familiar with Mac and Windows.

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Simplify Your life with Files-Finder Edition – A New App for iPad Users

iOs devices does not have finder unlike Mac environment. Many thinks that finder eases the file management tasks most of the time. Sometimes it feels like really dizzy When you get something that is not up-to best. Similar is happening with ios device users as apple tried to simplified the approach by making the file system virtually invisible but in iOs devices users are not forced to manage, clean, sort and manage files as they are on desktops. Since past many years, users who were missing the finder functionality on their iPads were demanding for an app who can provide them finder like rich interface and functionality. Similarly, For those user has just switched on iPad from Windows environment managing files in iPad proves quite difficult as they feels themselves more comfortable with Explorer App. Files-Finder Edition App has been developed with the same intention of providing iPad users some sort of flexibility.

Files Finder Edition: App becomes quite special while it provides you the rich interface, convenience and usability of finder tool. Those who are coming from Mac World knows the importance of finder. App is not just an app that lets you explore your files into your iPad, in-fact it’s more ahead of that. It’s a complete file media organization tool along with document and excel files editing capabilities.

Prime Features:

  1. App has the same old interface of Finder and this is so that users can have the same level of convenience with Finder as they would have in finder of Mac and Windows

  2. App has a built-in previewer available for most of the file types.

  3. Supports most of the files types including doc, docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MOV, WAV, 3GP, Zip and many others.

  4. You can sync your files and folders among cloud networks also including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sugarsync.

  5. You can Edit the Excel and other files using Google drive app in right corner.

  6. App does almost each and every task that is doable by document manager and file explorer.

  7. In-Built browser with file download support and preloaded bookmarks.

  8. There has been search integration functionality within browser means you can search directly on twitter,wikipedia and dictionary.

  9. You can sort the files according to various file sorting parameters like type, size, tags,date, categories.

  10. There is download manager with background support.

There are many other features too which this cool app for iPad have. Visit app in iTunes to read more about it:


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