Files-Finder Edition: A Perfect iPad File Manager for Your Business

iPad is such a device who brings the office work on your home desk for many of us as often we found our iPad quite handy to accomplish official tasks like sending emails, viewing presentations, preparing and viewing client reports. With a comprehensive approach to security, scalable deployment and variety of management options has made it the popular choice for users in most of the business environments.

But, still what make users feel hectic often are managing documents on wider scale on ipad. No matter if you are using iPad on your home or on your business, if you have thousands of files stored on your iPad, it will be like you are stuck whenever you have to find a particular file or have to sort them or have to search few out of the bundle. Most people find difficulties even in reading pdf files through iOs default file opener.

Though, there are some apps like Readdle’s Documents 5 and File Manager Pro app etc but none of these has vast functionality as Files-Finder Edition is having. Let’s take a look what are the prime features and specifications this wonderful file manager productivity app for iPad is having.

Files-Finder Edition

  • Good Old Finder like Interface: App’s interface has been designed in such a way that both Mac and Window users find it convenient and familiar with them. To Windows users interface will look like “explorer” while for Mac users it will look like “Old Finder like interface”.

  • Vast Variety of file formats supported by App: There are many app which supports basic file formats on iPad but this is the first one in which a wide file format support has been provided to users so that users can stick with this as the only file manager app for their ipad. There has been a built-in File previewer also through which you can know what data your files and folders contain. To name a few formats there are Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip formats and many more which are supported by this app.

  • Sync on Cloud: Various Cloud networks are supported on which users can sync their ipad files and can take back-up of their data. Cloud networks such as GoogleDrive, Sugarsync and Dropbox are currently supported. In future other networks like box, office 360, etc are to be included also within App. Also, you can edit your excel and other files using GoogleDrive right within Files-Finder Edition.

  • Managing Files on iPad Easily: You can create custom shortcuts for frequently used files, create filters, search files sort them based on multiple sorting parameters like date, file name, type, tags, size, categories etc. you can lock your important documents if you want some privacy.

  • In-Built Browser with Download Manager: There has been a download manager which supports background downloads also with an in-built browser that gives you the power of internet on your ipad and connects you with rest of the world. Browser’s search function has been integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and Google so that you can directly search on these sites.

  • Transfer Files via Secured Wifi, built in Zip creation and extraction, gesture based copy/move/paste, and File sharing via email, Facebook, twitter, etc, creating voice notes and Air Print Support to take prints of your documents over Wifi are some other features which make this app real worth for iPad users wanting complete control on their data.

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Files –Finder Edition: Top 5 Features Those Makes it an Ultimate File Manager iPad App

Files-Finder Edition is been developed by Team Appsicum, Where efforts takes place to simplyFiles-Finder Edition your life through the iOs Apps. Earlier of this App, there was no such app that was offering this sort of functioning and that too in an ipad app. When Files-Finder Edition was launched, it was probably the first app which was having some unique feature like built –in browser and sorting based on multiple parameters. Here In this post, I will be discussing those features which made files-finder edition an ultimate File manager ipad app for users.


  • Familiar Finder and Explorer like Interface

Most of the ipad users find document management on their ipad one of the most difficult task at their own. It’s because first there are not much of apps there that allows them to manage edit files at their own. While some apps in the app-store are so typical to handle that users are not able to find themselves familiar with those. Files-Finder Edition removes such constraints as it’s been developed specially for such users who have switched on their iPad from their windows or Mac. To users who are switching from Windows, its interface will look much like “Explorer” and for those who are coming from MacWorld it will look like old good “Finder” of Mac.


  • Vast Variety of Supported iPad File Formats

It’s also a matter of advantage with files-finder edition that with it you get a vast variety of file formats supported by the app. To name some there are Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip, and many more others.


  • Advanced Features for Managing Files and Folders

There are many advanced features in files-finder edition that makes it a complete file manager for iPad. For example sync facility is given to users and through it they can sync their ipad files with any of cloud storage networks like GoogleDrive, Dropbox and Sugar-sync etc. There is a built–in file-previewer for most of the file formats. Users can edit excel and other documents using GoogleDrive right in app. Users can create custom shortcuts for frequently used files, can create filters, save as shortcuts, search sort and filter files based on multiple parameters like file name, file size, file type, date, categories, etc. and built in zip creation and extraction features enabled. Most importantly users can categorize items like in Microsoft outlook.


  • Built in Browser with Download Manager

It’s not necessary that every file manager should give the power of internet to users where they can browse internet and can download their favorite music, videos and other files using a download manager, but files-finder edition has it all. It has a built-in browser where users can enjoy the seamless net browsing. This browser has a built-in download manager also which support background downloads also. To give users an edge, search feature of browser is integrated with sites like Wikipedia, Google and twitter so you can directly search on them.


  • Additional Features like Voice Note creation and Air Print Support

Though Files-finder Edition is fully equipped with many file editing and file management features yet it has some splendid features which come just like bonus. For example users can create voice notes easily with files-finder edition; they can transfer their files through password protected Wifi mode. Air print support is included too through which you can take print out of your files through a printer attached through WiFi. Gesture based copy/paste/move, sharing of files via email, face book, twitter and many more, and desktop like status bar, they all comes with files-finder edition and this is what makes an app complete.


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Why Files-Finder Edition is Innovative Productivity App for iPad?

A Complete File Manager for iPad
A Complete File Manager for iPad
Several productivity apps are available these days on iTunes store. However, Files-finder edition is innovative app in this category. This app is complete file manager app which allow reading, sharing, editing and transferring documents to another devices. You might be aware with such kind app before, but you haven’t seen all these features in one app before. Files-finder edition comprises several innovative features such as editing documents with the help of Google drive, manage and sort them according to tag, content, category and date.

File previewer

This app provides functionality to create shortcuts for frequently using files. It supports almost type of files such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, Zip and many more. It has functional address/ breadcrumb for easy navigation. App has in built browser with bookmark and file downloading support. Whenever you want to search anything this app provides you different searching options which are connected with Google, twitter, Wikipedia and Dictionary. It enables option of voice note creation option so you can search by speaking. If you have to reply for urgent email and you need to extract zip file, then this app provides you option for the same. You can extract and create zip files with the help of this file manager app. You can share files via email, Facebook and twitter. All these features are stunning and very useful. So, download Files-Finder Edition for your iPad today and explore your iPad library easily.

Features That Make Files- Finder Edition A Secure File Manager for iPad?

A Complete File Manager for iPad
A Complete File Manager for iPad

Most of the Time, it happens that people carry their iPad instead of their laptop just because iPad are easier to carry rather than laptops. With iPad most of the official tasks can be completed without any glitch. You can easily configure all your official email accounts on iPad, browse internet through safari and much more. The Most Obvious reason why people give preference to iPad over laptop is because of its battery life which lasts 8 -1o hours normally while laptop have 2-3 hour backup hardly.

It’s true that portability of iPad gives an edge to it over laptops but is that enough? What about when you need to manage your files (read, edit, filter, search and sort) on your iPad!! Is there any obvious choice for that you can use? I guess no except Files-Finder Edition as it’s the only file manager which lets you do all your file management tasks on iPad with great level of ease. With this iPad App, One can easily create new documents/files, edit excel and word files (.xlsx and .docx) through Google Drive.

This App is like a boon for those who frequently use their iPad and wants to store their files on their files. App makes it pretty simple to transfer files between various cloud based networks such as Sugersync, Drop-box, GoogleDrive, etc. as well as from PC/Mac to iPad or vice verse. File Organization system in files-finder edition is laid out much like on a PC/Mac. There are some more convenient features for users like a built in browser with preloaded bookmarks support and download manager with background download support, built in Zip creation and extraction functionality, Archive creation, sharing of files via secured WiFi (password protected), locking private files and documents, Air print support are some which might be considered as awesome in this category.

Moreover, it’s easy to Search, Filter, Sort, Tag and Manage files on your iPad through this brilliant app. It’s important to note here that you can also categorize items in files-finder edition like you do in Microsoft outlook and can create custom shortcuts for the files you frequently use. It’s an breeze to use such a featured app on iPad and it comes handy when we need to deal with the documents we have on iPad.

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Why iPad Users Must Have Files-Finder Edition To Manage Files?

These days technical devices are using everywhere and people used to handle their work from iPhone and iPad devices. It doesn’t matter that whether you are in office or not you can manage your office work from outside of office by your iPhone and iPad. Just suppose you need to reply an email after seeing report of client and you are not able to open your laptop or desktop? In such case you need such a software that let you read and edit documents so that you can reply client instantly. There might be several other cases such as you downloaded any document or pdf on iPad but its not user friendly so it will look a little tough task to open downloaded files.

All these problems can be resolved if you have file manager, document reader, Document editor, file explorer or folder manFile manager for iPadager app in iPad. Therefore, you can edit and read documents easily. Files-finder edition is the complete file manager or file organizer app which let you manage files and folders easily on iPad. Its features are outstanding such as it has In-built browser with pre-loaded bookmarks and file download manager. Like thus iPad device will show features as windows system. Files-finder edition is user friendly app where user can find functionality of windows/mac system. This app can resolve the problem of searching and sorting documents. If you are searching for a powerful app that provides you function for file management, folder management, PDF viewer, docs editing, search files and sort them according to different parameters and tags.

This app doesn’t have any age restriction and safe to use for everyone. Therefore, whether you are office going guy or businessman it’s very easy to use. From the security purpose, it’s very easy to lock important files and folders. If there is need of creating shortcut, then it’s very simple to create shortcuts for desired folders. So, it doesn’t make any sense to search another app while there is the best option of files-finder edition. Several another features of this file manager app will attract you. To know more about features of this file manager of file explorer app you can visit:

Here are listed some important features of files-finder edition that everyone looks in file explorer app:
1.    App has good old finder like interface with gesture control and touch screen.
2.    Amazing option for built-in file previewer for all types of files.
3.    It supports several files extensions such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, 3GP, PDF and many more.
4.    In-built browser with pre-loaded bookmarks and file download manager.
5.    Files and documents can be search based on tags, file type, file size, date and category.
6.    Files can be sorted based on multiple parameters at once.
7.    Download manager is fully equipped with file download support in background.
8.    Items like Microsoft outlook can be categorize.
9.    Files can be shared via email, Facebook, twitter and many more.
10.    Files can be transferred over Wi-Fi with password protection mode.

File exporer for iPad
All these functions are available in file manager or file explorer app i.e. files-finder edition. Appsicum team developed this app for iPad users who generally complains regarding the problem of file management and file explorer. If you are searching for such type of app that is fully equipped with these functions mentioned above, then files-finder edition is the perfect app. For more information about files-finder edition app you can see it here in iTunes store @

Files-Finder Edition: The Best App for Managing Files and Documents on iPad

How many times it happens that you want to organize and manage docs on your iPad but there is no option on iPad to manage files and folders.logo Several apps are available on iTunes store that offer functionality of manage documents and folders on iOs device. Appsicum team developed a powerful app that fulfill all requirement related to file management and files transfer. This app has in-built browser with pre -loaded bookmarks and file downloaded manager. No one need to search different apps for file manager and document viewer as it comprise both features. Therefore, user will be able to manage files and open, edit documents on iPad with the help of files-finder edition.

This app is very easy to handle for both windows users and mac users as it works as explorer as well as finder. Like thus user may have same functionality that they had on windows system and mac. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that this app is complete solution for file management, file explorer as it has media organization tool along with document and excel editing capabilities.

You will be glad after having experience with such a powerful app on your iTunes store. Features of files-finder edition listed below:mzl.kzxtqrur

1.    App has good and old finder like interface with gesture controls and fully optimized with touch screen.
2.    It support almost types if files such as Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, PDF, WAV, Zip and many more.
3.    You can see file previewer for most of the file types.
4.    Easily sync function for files with cloud networks such as Google drive, Dropbox and Sugar Sync.
5.    Functionality of edit documents such as excel and other files via Google drive.
6.    Easy solution for creating custom shortcuts for files that used frequently.
7.    Its features work as search folder in Microsoft outlook.
8.    Functional address for quick navigation.
9.    Easy filtration and searching methods based on tags, file types, file size and date.
10.    Easy lock system for important files and folders for security purpose.
11.    Sort files instant via multiple searching parameters.
12.    Easy function of creating voice notes with this file manager app.
13.    If there is need to categorize items for Microsoft outlook, then you can.
14.    Gesture based functions for copy, move and paste.
15.    You can share files via email, facebook, twitter and many more.
16.    It has desktop like status bar for easy navigation.
17.    You can share files over WiFi with password protection mode.
18.    Air print support to take print for files over WiFi.


You can’t find all these functions in another app where all these function can be accessible on single app. If there is need to arrange files, folders according to alphabet, size, date and type, then files-finder edition is the best solution for you. Here another option is that you can find files and folders according to alphabet, date, size and types. Its browser’s search function is integrated with twitter, Wikipedia and dictionary along with Google. You just need to type a word in browser address bar and search directly on Google, Wiki, Dictionary and Twitter.

For more information about files-finder edition that is ultimate solution for file explorer, file manager, document reader, PDF viewer and file transfer, you can visit This app is available in iTunes store where you can find screen shots of app and detailed featured of files-finder edition.

Files Finder Edition: A Wonderful Productivity App for iPad With Brilliant Features

As we all know that ios devices whether it’s a iphone or ipad comes with a finite memory capacity i.e. 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. You don’t have expandable memory kind of things in such devices and due to such issues most of the people do not want to store their files on ipad or iphone. There are many cloud storage networks such as googledrive, dropbox, Sugarsync, Sky Drive, Box.Net, etc which give you the facility to store your data, files, documents on internet costing you either small charge or free of coast totally. Problem comes when you can see the files on cloud networks but can not access them directly as due to some system restrictions in ios you can not open any file from cloud directly, instead of it you have to email it to yourself first them after downloading you can open it in any appropriate file manager apps.

Though, There are many file manager apps in iTunes market which you can use, but there is not a single app which you can use as a complete file/media manager for your iPad. File Management in ipad becomes most crucial when you be on business tours or out of home.Finder Like File Manager App for ipad You can not rely on such file management apps which give you limited functionality. In Such case apps like files-finder edition which offers a complete file management and multimedia solution to ipad users can be most significant to use. Features of Files-Finder Edition are such that you can call it a file manager app for ipad or document organizer app for ipad or file explorer app for ipad or multimedia manager for ipad. It allows you to sync your files on Variety of cloud networks like Dropbox,GoogleDrive, and Sugarsync in current version. Future Version will be carrying more cloud integration.

First Let’s talk about the Interface which plays often a crucial role whenever you download any new app from itunes. A better interface and UI will make you feel comfortable while you will be able to accomplish your tasks quite easily too without being in any hassle. Files-Finder Edition app is specially beneficial for two kind of ipad users i.e. who have switched on ipad from windows and those who have switched recently from Mac world. Obviously people who are coming from Mac and windows respectively will be finding themselves more comfortable with “Finder” and “Explorer” Tool’s respectively so to give such users a relax feel interface of files-finder edition has been kept such that windows users will find it like explorer while Mac users will be treating it like “Finder like File Manager App” for ipad.logo

Most of the File Manager Apps available in Market for iPad is not offering you in-built browser to surf internet, download manager with a background download support, preloaded browser bookmarks while files-finder edition is giving you these features to you. Very Few File Manager app for ipad are allowing you to search,open, edit, and manage your files up-to the level files-finder edition is allowing as this app is allowing you to read a wide variety of documents on your ipad, edit excel and word files right on your ipad, multiple file sorting on multiple sorting parameters. Means to say with files-finder edition you can sort your files and documents in ipad on the basis of more than one file sorting parameters which can be anything out of file name, size, date, type, File Tags etc.

Additionally, App allows you to navigate quickly within system and application files as there is functional address bar enabled. You can lock your important files, can share your documents/files via Wifi with password protected mode. You can create voice notes, You can Create Zip Folders and Extract Files from Zip Folders. You can Share your documents on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

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