Future Scheduler: An App That Your Friends will Definitely Like

While having all the talk in business days, often we forget to wish our friends on their important events like on their birthdays, marriage anniversaries or any other events and why friends we keep engage ourselves in job or business so much that we could not wish our family members. Though, it’s understandable that you are working for your family but what if you are not able to give them time on their important occasions also and if you are too busy on your workplace, you can even send a greeting text message or you can call them, but generally people forget to do that also.

Future scheduler is such an app that lets you schedule not only your message but also schedules your calls, emails, and even social media updates also. You can schedule your emails in case if you often forget to send important business emails to your clients. You can schedule you calls if you forget to call someone. Suppose you forget to call your wife informing her that you will be late coming to home as you have business meeting with client after business hours. Now you can schedule a text or a call whichever is convenient for you at the time and can inform your wife quite easily. What future scheduler will do after scheduling a text message, a call or an email, it will ask you for confirmation and that will only happen if you have checked “Ask before Sending” while scheduling, call, texts and email and based on your confirmation message will be automatically sent from your phone, call will be automatically connected and email will be automatically sent from your email id. You don’t need to bother about the rest of things as future scheduler will take care of that. You just need to schedule the things if you feel you will forget to do that on a particular time.

Future scheduler also works as a Reminder app for you as it brings a pop up on your home screen and reminds about the things which you have scheduled. This pop-up will be for confirming before automatically send and through this you are knowing what you have forgotten perhaps so this works as an all in one scheduler on primary while works as a reminder/alert app on secondary part. Your friends will most like this app when you will be telling them that how you wished them on their birthdays in midnight exact at 12.00 am while sleeping all night.

You can also import contacts from your Facebook account, you can see log of scheduled activities and much more.

Visit Future Scheduler for iPhone in iTunes App store Here @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

For Android, Visit Here @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dev.and.scheduler

For BlackBerry, Visit Here @ http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/110388/?lang=EN


How to Schedule Email with Future Scheduler App on iPhone

Everyone is busy these days and it happens mostly that we forgot to call, email and important task. This may result wrong with you as improper behavior of your task. In this case an app can help you which schedule call, email activities automatically. Thus, you won’t have any complain regarding forgetting and your work won’t suffer. Future scheduler is an app that schedule call, message, Email and social media posts automatically.

This app is available for android, iPhone and Blackberry users. You might think that why you should purchase only future scheduler, then there are several features in this app that will attract you. However, you can find apps that schedule only call or message so you will get scheduler for single task only. Future Scheduler is the only app which schedule call, message, email and Social media post for you automatically.Here you can see that how you can schedule email with the help of future scheduler app:

Email Scheduler

Future Scheduler app lets schedule emails for future date and time. You need to select email option in home screen of app. You can add attachment from gallery so you can send pictures. You need to add recipients that you can insert manually or can select from contacts. In next section you can type message or you can select templates which you want to send in Email body. After completing these tasks, you need to select date and time when you want to send emails. Once you set time and date, this app will send email automatically to selected recipients.

In case, if you need to send this email weekly or monthly, then this app provides you function to set recurrence. Therefore, you can set recurrence of email daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Future scheduler app also have option of confirmation alert so whenever your message delivered to recipients, you will get alert. Thus, you can scheduler email easily with the help of future scheduler. Download future scheduler today to schedule emails for future date and time here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

Future Scheduler – A Technical Boon to Forget the Word “ Forgetting”

In Today’s Life, where everyone is quite busy in his life say with work, with business or say anything else, it becomes quite crucial sometimes to remember the important dates, important functions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagement day, valentines day etc, it’s our moral responsibility to greet the people on their happy moments. Suppose a scenario that it’s your wedding day and you are engaged in any business meeting with your clients and you don’t know when you will be free and you can’t take a break to go out and type a sms to your wife. What can you do? You can try Future Scheduler definately then as it let’s you schedule your basic activities like Calls, Texts, Email and social Media updates on any future date and time.

Suppose a second scenario where you are waiting for your kid’s birthday to come since quite a long but due to your hectic business or work schedules, you forget to wish your kid on his birthday. What you can do here? Similar to above case you can use future scheduler. You can schedule a birthday wish for your kid on future scheduler in form of text message and future scheduler will automatically asks you to perform those specific actions on the scheduled day.

Wanna Know What Future Scheduler Does Actually?

Actually Future Scheduler is an app based on unique concept which includes you can schedule your calls, texts, emails, and social media updates even. This App is available for all three smartphone platforms like for iphone, android and blackberry. Whenever you feel that you will be forgetting something on a particular day, it’s a better option to schedule it on future scheduler. It works like a reminder system. Suppose you have to call your friend and wish him on his birthday 5 days later. You can schedule this task in app and after 5 days at pre-specified time future scheduler will be alerting you to call your friend to wish him on her birthday. Remember it will not automatically connect call to your contact as this is security restricted tasks in ios powered devices. In-fact it will ask you for confirmation like “ Do You want to allow Future Schedule Connect a call to ———” Once you confirm, call will be connected and you will be able to wish him. Similarly if you have to send an urgent email to one of your client, it will able to send those scheduled emails automatically.

You can schedule your social updates in advance with the help of this super utility app.

View App in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/future-scheduler/id515936774?ls=1&mt=8

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